Beyond all boundaries : Anatolia in the first millennium BC /

"This book contains the proceedings of an international conference with a focus on Anatolia in the first millennium BC which took place on Monte Verita, Ascona in Switzerland, in 2018. The volume contains recent and thought-provoking research from diverse academic fields, bringing together hist...

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Other Authors: Payne, Annick (Editor), Velhartická, Šárka (Editor), Wintjes, Jorit (Editor)
Format: Book
Published: Leuven ; Bristol, CT : Peeters, 2021.
Series:Orbis biblicus et orientalis ; 295.
Table of Contents:
  • Marks on arrowheads from the Konya Ereğli Museum. Signs of native Anatolian production? / Selim Ferruh Adalt
  • Debating Anatolian hieroglyphic in Victorian England. A fresh look at an old question / Silvia Alaura
  • Un soldat phrygien qui parle grec dans l'armée perse. Timothée de Milet, Perses, 140-161 / Milena Anfosso
  • Argaios : A Bronze Age mountain-god in Greco-Roman Anatolia / Alexis Bells
  • Zur Interpunktion in lykischen Inschriften / Anja Busse
  • Linguistic and archaeological criteria for dating Lycian tombs and tomb inscriptions. A critical re-evaluation of former approaches / Birgit Christiansen
  • Art history within Anatolian studies. An approach to Lycian images / Fabienne Colas-Rannou
  • An inscribed amulet or stamp seal from Sirkeli Höyük / Gabriele Elsen-Novák; Annick Payne
  • The population, the language and the history of Yadiya/Sam'al / Federico Giusfredi; Valerio Pisaniello
  • Kroisos, König des Landes Mira? Das Königreich Lydien und Ephesos - eine besondere Beziehung und ihre Ursache / Winfried Held
  • Between Amorges and Tissaphernes. Lycia and Persia in the Xanthos Stele / John O. Hyland
  • The bestowing of wreaths on the tombs of Merehi and Pajawa / Tamás Péter Kisbali
  • The settlement dynamics of Larisa (Buruncuk) and their references to the Bronze Age legacy / Ilgın Külekçi
  • Pisidian toponymy. Method and results / Lauriane Locatelli
  • The Anatolian words for 'son' and the semantics of muwa- / Elena Martínez Rodríguez
  • Bilingual texts in first-millennium Anatolia / H. Craig Melchert
  • Les monuments lithiques de Phrygie. Archéologie d'un paysage / Patrick Maxime Michel
  • Azatiwada, Awariku from the "House of Mopsos", and Assyria. On the dating of Karatepe in Cilicia / Mirko Novák and Andreas Fuchs
  • Überlegen zu Lydisch ora- 'Monat' und dem Vokal o / Norbert Oettinger
  • Signs beyond boundaries. The visual world of Azatiwataya / Aslı Özyar
  • La Lycie et l'historiographie grecque. Ménecratès de Xanthos et Alexandre Polyhistor / Simone Podestà
  • When the Great King encounters white marble. A material perspective on Western Anatolia / Alessandro Poggio
  • Geminate consonants in Lycian. A twofold interpretation / Florian Réveilhac
  • News from Side / Alfredo Rizza
  • From Phrygian to Greek. The decline of the Phrygian alphabet in 1st-millenium BCE Anatolia / Lynn E. Roller
  • A rhetoric of accumulation. The multi-ethnic identity of Halikarnassos in antiquarian and public discourse / Marco Santini
  • Rhotacism in 1st-millennium BC Anatolia. Comparative Luwian and Lydian phonology / David Sasseville
  • Caves as cult places in Cilicia / Mustafa H. Sayar
  • 401 BC
  • the year Neo-Hittite statehood ended / Zsolt Simon
  • Phrygian onomastic notes. Near Eastern and Aegean interfaces / Maya Vassileva
  • Towards a historiography of Anatolian heiroglyphic research during the 1930s / S̆árka Velhartická.