Holdings details from Rutgers
Call Number: Shelved by title


Holdings details from NYU
Call Number: RC489.C63 J67

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Holdings details from Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Call Number: Serials Dept.

University of Pittsburgh

Holdings details from University of Pittsburgh
Call Number: None

Penn State

Holdings details from Penn State
Call Number: RC489.C63J68 v.1-2 1987/88
RC489.C63J68 v.11 1997
RC489.C63J68 v.12 1998
RC489.C63J68 v.13 1999
RC489.C63J68 v.14 2000
RC489.C63J68 v.15 2001
RC489.C63J68 v.16 2002
RC489.C63J68 v.17 2003
RC489.C63J68 v.18 2004
RC489.C63J68 v.19 2005
RC489.C63J68 v.20 2006
RC489.C63J68 v.21 2007
RC489.C63J68 v.22 2008
RC489.C63J68 v.23 2009
RC489.C63J68 v.24 2010
RC489.C63J68 v.25 2011
RC489.C63J68 v.26 2012
RC489.C63J68 v.3 1989
RC489.C63J68 v.4 1990
RC489.C63J68 v.5-6 1991/92
RC489.C63J68 v.7-8 1993/94
RC489.C63J68 v.9-10 1995/96 & suppl.


Holdings details from Villanova
Call Number: RC489.C63 J68

West Virgina University

Holdings details from West Virgina University
Call Number: RC489.C63 J68