The story of pain : from prayer to painkillers /

Everyone knows what is feels like to be in pain. Scraped knees, toothaches, migraines, giving birth, cancer, heart attacks, and heartaches: pain permeates our entire lives. We also witness other people - loved ones - suffering, and we 'feel with' them. It is easy to assume this is the end...

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Main Author: Bourke, Joanna (Author)
Format: Book
Published: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
Table of Contents:
  • Cover; The Story of Pain: From Prayer to Painkillers; Acknowledgements; Contents; List of Figures; Preface; 1: Introduction; Pain as a 'Type of Event'; 'Let Pain Be Spoken of Simply as Pain'; Being-in-Pain as a Complex Phenomenon; Pain Events as Culture; The Body of Pain; Why is Pain Important?; 2: Estrangement; The Demands of the Body-in-Pain; The Distress of Pain-Narratives; The Dangers of Pain-Narratives; Pain Creates Communities; 3: Metaphor; Figurative Languages; Commonplace Metaphors; Metaphorical Diversity: Theoretical Issues; Metaphorical Diversity and the Physiological Body
  • Metaphoric Diversity and Environmental ContextsMetaphorical Decline; Group Diversity; 4: Religion; Sin; Spiritual Guidance; Personal Improvement; Salvation; Instructing Adult Sufferers; Socializing the Christian Child; The Struggle; Myths and Metaphors; The Secular Backlash; 5: Diagnosis; Pain Narratives and Diagnoses; Problems with Pain-Narratives; Reviving Languages of Pain; Eradicating Language; 6: Gesture; Gestures of Suffering in the Clinic; Gestures and Diagnosis; Learning to See; Doubting Pain; Legal Realms; The Languages of Infancy; Gestural Languages of Animals; 7: Sentience
  • Not-Fully-Human PeoplesThe Civilizing Process; Women; The Sentience of Infants; The Foetus; 'Mental Factors'; 8: Sympathy; The Cruel Profession; The Body of Sympathy; Unravelling the Body of Sympathy; The Sympathetic Profession; Sympathetic Comportment; Contemporary Paradoxes; 9: Pain Relief; The Meaning of Anaesthetics; Anxieties; Death Pangs; Modern Pain Relief; Notes; Preface; Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Estrangement; Chapter 3 Metaphor; Chapter 4 Religion; Chapter 5 Diagnosis; Chapter 6 Gesture; Chapter 7 Sentience; Chapter 8 Sympathy; Chapter 9 Pain Relief; Bibliography
  • Libraries and Archives ConsultedUnited Kingdom; Ireland; United States of America; Australia; New Zealand; Selected Databases Containing Digitized Primary Sources; Selected recommended reading; Index