The youth of early modern women /

Through fifteen essays that draw on a rich array of primary sources, this collection makes the novel claim that early modern European women, like men, had a youth. European culture recognised that, between childhood and full adulthood, early modern women experienced distinctive physiological, social...

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Main Author: Reeves, Margaret (Author)
Other Authors: Cohen, Elizabeth Storr, 1946- (Editor)
Format: Book
Published: Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2018]
Series:Gendering the late medieval and early modern world.
Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Table of Contents; Introduction; Elizabeth S. Cohen and Margaret Reeves; Part 1. Concepts and Representations; 1. 'A Prospect of Flowers'; Concepts of Childhood and Female Youth in Seventeenth-Century British Culture; Margaret Reeves; 2. A Roving Woman; The Rover, Part I and Hellena's Self-Creation of Youth; Sarah Morris; 3. 'She is but a girl'; Talk of Young Women as Daughters, Wives, and Mothers in the Records of the English Consistory Courts, 1550-1650; Jennifer McNabb; 4. Flight and Confinement; Female Youth, Agency, and Emotions in Sixteenth-Century New Spain; Jacqueline Holler
  • 5. Harlots and Camp FollowersSwiss Renaissance Drawings of Young Women circa 1520; Christiane Andersson; Part 2. Self-Representations: Life-Writing and Letters; 6. Three Sisters of Carmen; The Youths of Teresa de Jes�us, Mar�ia de San Jos�e, and Ana de San Bartolom�e; Barbara Mujica; 7. Elite English Girlhood in Early Modern Ireland; The Examples of Mary Boyle and Alice Wandesford; Julie A. Eckerle; 8. Young Women Negotiating Fashion in Early Modern Florence; Megan Moran; 9. 'Is it possible that my sister ... has had a baby?'
  • The Early Years of Marriage as a Transition from Girlhood to Womanhood in the Letters of Three Generations of Orange-Nassau WomenJane Couchman; Part 3. Training for Adulthood; 10. Malleable Youth; Forging Female Education in Early Modern Rome; Alessandra Franco; 11. The Material Culture of Female Youth in Bologna, 1550-1600; Michele Nicole Robinson; 12. Becoming a Woman in the Dutch Republic; Advice Literature for Young Adult Women of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries; Marja van Tilburg; Part 4. Courtship and Becoming Sexual; 13. Straying and Led Astray
  • Roman Maids Become Young Women circa 1600Elizabeth S. Cohen; 14. A Room of Their Own; Young Women, Courtship, and the Night in Early Modern England; Eleanor Hubbard; 15. In Search of a 'Remedy'; Young Women, their Intimate Partners, and the Challenge of Fertility in Early Modern France; Julie Hardwick; Supplementary Bibliography of Secondary Works; Index; List of Illustrations; Figure I.1 Hans Baldung Grien, The Seven Ages of Woman,1544-1545.; Figure 5.1 Niklaus Manuel, Scenes from Camp Life (detail), c. 1517.; Figure 5.2 Urs Graf, Young Woman Making a Gesture of Greeting, c. 1514.
  • Figure 5.3 Urs Graf, Simpering Harlot, 1525. Figure 5.4 Urs Graf, Young Woman in Profile, 1517.; Figure 5.5 Urs Graf, Old Fool Observing a Nude Young Woman, c. 1515.; Figure 5.6 Urs Graf, Young Woman Stepping into a Brook, c. 1521.; Figure 5.7 Urs Graf, Victim of War Standing before a Landscape,1514.; Figure 5.8 Urs Graf, Camp Follower Passing a Hanged MercenarySoldier, 1525.; Figure 11.1 Toy Jug made in Pesaro, Italy, c. 1520-1540.; Figure 11.2 Saint Nicholas Dowering a Maiden (detail), from Nicol�oZoppino, Esemplario di lavori, 1529.