The complete idiot's guide to classical mythology /

You're no idiot, of course. You can find Greece on a map, know that Kevin Sorbo stars as Hercules on TV, and have heard of Freud's oedipus theory. But when it comes to classical mythology, you feel like you've been foiled by the gods. Don't curse Zeus yet! The Complete Idiot'...

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Main Author: Osborn, Kevin, 1959-
Other Authors: Burgess, Dana
Format: Book
Published: New York, NY : Alpha Books, ©1998.
Table of Contents:
  • PART 1: THE BEGINNING OF ALL THINGS: Tell me a story
  • O brave new world
  • Hey, I've heard that before! The roots of classical myth
  • Author, author
  • The reign of thunder and lightning: Olympus under Zeus
  • The A Team: Olympians all
  • Friends, fairies, and fairy tale monsters
  • Eat, drink, and be marry: Dionysus
  • PART 3: EVERYONE NEEDS A HERO: The model hero: Perseus
  • What the Hell! Adventures in the Underworld
  • Even the wisest cannot see: Oedipus the King
  • The labors of Hercules
  • Crimes of passion: Jason, Medea, and the Argonauts
  • Lucky in war, unlucky in love: Theseus
  • All's not fair in love and war: the fall of Troy
  • Achilles: the angry young hero
  • Tales the long way home: Odysseus
  • Not in our stars: tragic heroes and their fates
  • PART 4: When in Rome, worship as the Romans worship
  • Meet the new boss(es), same as the old boss(es): the gods and goddesses of Rome
  • All roads lead to Rome: the Odyssey of Aeneas
  • Rome wasn't build in a day
  • APPENDIXES: A: Glossary of terms
  • B: Who's who in classical mythology
  • C: What's in a name? Greek and Roman gods and heroes
  • D: Be careful what you wish for: the fate of mortals who slept with gods or goddesses
  • E: Read more about it.