Table of Contents:
  • Introduction / Stuart S. Nagel
  • Pt. 1. What to Teach. Ch. 1. An Essay on Teaching Politics as the Core of Public Administration: The Missing Piece / Jonathan Anderson. Ch. 2. Goals in Teaching Research Methods to Administrators? / Jody Fitzpatrick. Ch. 3. Ethics Education in Local Policy Agencies / C. W. Cowles, M. F. Meine and C. A. Watson. Ch. 4. The Lost World of Public Administration Education: Rediscovering the Meaning of Professionalism / James S. Bowman. Ch. 5. Research Design and Portfolio Development in Public Administration Training / Michael J. Bolton
  • Pt. 2. How to Teach. Ch. 6. The Administrator as Teacher (A Preliminary Examination of the Topic) / Lynton K. Caldwell. Ch. 7. Reading Case Studies vs. Writing Them: How to Engage Practitioner Students? / Mohamad G. Alkadry and Hugh T. Miller. Ch. 8. The Pleasures and Perils of "Team" Teaching / Pamela T. Brannon. Ch. 9. Increasing the Effectiveness of Public Management Education Through an Instructional Design Approach to Course Development and Delivery / Blue Wooldridge and Carol Bracey
  • Pt. 3. New Teaching Technologies. Ch. 10. Method for Building Frameworks of Analysis for Public Policy / Laure Paquette. Ch. 11. From Tocqueville to Technology: Distance Learning and the Public Sphere / Phillip Boyle. Ch. 12. Studying Immigration Administration through Hollywood Filmmakers' Eyes / Mark L. Drucker. Ch. 13. Internet for Public Managers / Edward H. Downey.