Historic Architecture of Adams County, Pennsylvania /

These volumes summarize Adams County Pennsylvania's founding and early history, with emphasis on the architectural, political, and cultural influences of regional settlers. The author recognizes awardee dwellings that exemplify the preservation efforts of Historic Gettysburg Adams County.

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Main Author: Fritz, James J.
Format: Book
Published: Morgantown, PA : Masthof Press, [2019-2020]
Table of Contents:
  • Book 1. Architecture
  • Ethnic and religious affiliations
  • Politics in Adams County
  • Early structures
  • Penn's travails
  • Calvert's travails in Maryland
  • Agricultural life
  • Material culture.
  • Book 2. Gettysburg. Part One: setting the stage ; Western Lancaster County survey of early dwellings ; York County survey of early dwellings
  • York Towne County of York
  • Part Two: Gettysburg, PA ; Introduction: Gettysburg in town ; Gettysburg environs.
  • Book 3. African & Dutch Experience. Part One: Low Dutch settlement, 1760s
  • Part Two: African-American contributions
  • Part Three: Post and beam and Welsh and Irish cottages
  • Part Four: Indentured servitude, religious governance by parish, Thomas Penn's coterie and Georgian architecture
  • Part Five: English Georgian architecture and palladio
  • Part Six: English society and the English Civil War
  • Part Seven: The Great Awakening, 1730-40
  • Part Eight: Irish and Scots-Irish settlers of Adams County
  • Part Nine: A Quaker petition in York County court
  • Part Ten: German-speaking communities in York-Adams County
  • Part Eleven: Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation in the Holy Roman Empire (Germany)
  • Part Twelve: The early arrival of German-speaking Anabaptist congregations
  • Part Thirteen: Hunterstown
  • Cashtown
  • Fairfield
  • McKnightstown
  • Orrtanna ; HGAC awardees