The enduring quest, a search for a philosophy of life,

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Main Author: Overstreet, H. A. (Harry Allen), 1875-1970
Format: Book
Published: New York, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. [©1931]
Edition:[1st ed.].
Table of Contents:
  • Part one: reorientating ourselves. The scientific upheaval: revised conceptions of the physical universe
  • A false way of thinking: the fallacy of abstraction
  • Matter and life approach each other: contributions of the new physics
  • The drama of biology: the puzzle of the new
  • Part two: man a revealer. Evolution on the human level: Toward more widely functioning wholes
  • Man goes his new way: the human process of advolution
  • The significance of the psychological emergent: the next area of exploration
  • Things as manifestations: an approach to the invisible.
  • Part three: the great elementals. The philosophic test: the criterion of actability
  • The first elemental: truth: reality and the truth-process
  • The second elemental: beauty: beauty as a life-principle
  • The third elemental: the good: the objectivity of the good
  • Part four: the paradoxical quest. Beyond the narrowly human: the correlation of planes of reality
  • Love and the wordly wise: a modern evaluation
  • Heartening falsehoods: the reality of possibility
  • Seeking a principle of behavior: beyond ethical confusion
  • The heroism of uncommon sense: a doubt about pessimism
  • Part five: in the large setting. Our emerging life: the direction of human development
  • The fate of values: the problem of realities that vanish
  • God and the modern man: considering the problem afresh
  • A coming synthesis: the new trend of thought.