Sholom Noach Berezovsky

Rabbi Sholom Noach Berezovsky (; August 18, 1911 – August 8, 2000) served as Slonimer Rebbe from 1981 until his death. A prolific writer, He is widely known for his teachings which are published as a series of books entitled ''Nesivos Sholom''.

Through his writings he was among the most influential of contemporary chasidic rebbes, among chasidim and non-chasidim alike. A leading non-chasidic rosh yeshiva has referred to the ''Nesivos Sholom'' as the "Mesillat Yesharim of our times". The statement, according to one understanding, refers to the impact of the respective religious works, each in their generation, rather than to the authors themselves. Provided by Wikipedia
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